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Sustainable supply chain and management experts in agriculture

Committed to helping our partners grow. 

CITIGATE S.L operates in collaboration with small, medium and large-scale farming enterprises, as well as and the farmers’ union in the countries of Spain, Portugal and Italy. Our primary business objective is to provide agricultural products to our valued customers.  With our suppliers, we share a mutually rewarding business relationship, through which we are able to establish and maintain long term contracts, and becoming their execution partners, providing expert advice on new governmental regulations regarding complex market forces in agriculture. We successfully negotiate a collaborative roadmap to success, an approach which has proven considerably beneficial for both our farmers and our customers.  There is a constantly growing number of new farming partners being incorporated into the partnership of the current 72 cooperative partners from the autonomous communities, and of this achievement, we are extremely proud.

Meritocracy, ethics and transparency informs the ethos of our modus operandi, as we support our farming partners in achieving their much-deserved profit for the quality of their labor input. A similar approach applies to the value we place on, and the support we offer to our customer data base, in obtaining a competitive and stable price in the volatile agriculture market.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply embedded in our business culture. In practice, therefore, we are passionate about sustainable agricultural production, while simultaneously taking care of the environmental impact of our operations, and actively supporting the communities in which we operate.


We are making the future the cause of our present